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Re: Phaser 6280 Driver Recommendations?


I have reinstalled the PCL drivers while keeping the PS drivers, so I have a choice.

The previous problems I was having with the PCL drivers turned out to be just related to settings (which is what I originally suspected). Why in the world the support rep had me install the global driver is beyond me. I guess it was just an easy fix for him- not very impressive.

I would like to see more documentation on the drivers themselves. Some of the settings options are difficult to understand.
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Phaser 6280 Driver Recommendations?

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Hello All! First post and first Xerox Printer!


I'm looking for recommendations from Xerox and from Phaser 6280 users. Here's my setup:


Phaser 6280DN - Network Installation

Main PC: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

Laptop: Windows XP Pro

Laptop: Windows XP Pro


I'm finding conflicting recommendations in the documentation. Some pages recommend the PostScript drivers, yet the driver page for Windows 7 x 64 and Windows XP recommend the PCL6.


I originally installed the appropriate PCL6 drivers on all 3 PCs, but could not print from Tray 1 (MPT). No matter how it was set up in the driver and/or control panel, the page would print from tray 2.


I finally gave up and called Support, and the Tech Rep had me install a Global PostScript Driver. It worked, but 2-sided printing was not available through this driver.


Today I uninstalled everything and installed the appropriate OS specific PostScript drivers on all 3 PCs and all seem to be functioning well, but I'm still wondering what Xerox actually recommends and what other 6280 users are using? I want to be sure I'm using drivers that will give me the best performance and options set.


Your comments, observations and suggestions will be appreciated!



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