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Phaser 6280 - Set Greyscale as Default at Printer

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We have a Phaser 6280 shared by some 50 people -- all with differing operationg systems, printer drivers, etc. We would like to create a default setting at the printer level so that it prints in greyscale / black and white and if people really want to print in color, they will need to adjust their printing preferences.


We can do this on other manufacturer's printers but cann't seem to find that option on the Phaser.


Has anyone done thins?

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Re: Phaser 6280 - Set Greyscale as Default at Printer

you can configure this on your printer on the print server.
Open the properties of the driver , go the advanced tab , NOT general ... go to printing defaults.. change color to bw...
Then all clients shoudl auto change this update.... If not , just readd the printer from the print server
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