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Re: Phaser 6280 doesn't start


Thank you for using the Xerox forum.

I would suggest that you review the Support Site for this 6280 product

There is a Contact button on the blue menu bar upper right.

The issues you are describing may be related but would require a service technician to resolve.

If you are outside the USA you should contact the local support center in your area which you can find here:

Mitch Swetsky
Xerox Customer Tools & Social Media Moderator

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Phaser 6280 doesn't start

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Hi folks,

I have a Phaser 6280 that has 2 problems:

1. every morning when I switch on the printer it powers up with both green and red leds on and "Diagnosys..." on the lcd, then it may stay in this condition forever. I hear the usual starting sound (as something is running) but after that nothing happens and nothing works, also the keyboard (is not possible to enter menues and so on). After that I need to try to power off and on several times so that the printer can complete the startup.

2. From the same day I had the problem I had also to connect the printer using an USB cable because seems that the ethernet interface is dead.


Any help will be very appreciated.


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