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Xerox Analyst
Xerox Analyst

Re: Phaser 6280 won't stop printing!!!


All depends on how you are sending the job to the printer. If it is printing directly via network or USB, then check the printer queue on the PC and delete the job. If is printing from a printserver, check the queue on the print server. Each time you turn the printer on, it will start the job again. That is why you are seeing always the same start page.


About the error: for some reason at the first beguiling of the job, the printer didn't get some special characters that will tell it that following will be a printer command (in this case a init one). This can be happen because of the driver or some strange communication problem. If this is happening all the time, delete the driver and install it again. If not, recheck the cables.



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Phaser 6280 won't stop printing!!!

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My CEO has a Phaser 6280 which two days ago went crazy. If it is turned on, it continually prints all the paper in the drawer! All it prints on it is




in the top left corner! Can anyone help me with this? It's possessed!!! 

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