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Technical Escalation User
Technical Escalation User

Re: Phaser 6280N won't print on Network on Mac


Page 35-37 tells you how to set ip on the printer. 


The printer and the pc need to be on the same subnet, which when one is wired (printer) and one is wireless(computer) this is often not the case. Also if there are multiple wireless networks one maybe on the same subnet as the wired network, but another may not be. 


If you can remote login to the printer's web interface from the pcs that can't connect to it (Type ip of printer into a webrowser on the pc) they are on the same subnet. If it brings up the printer's webpage I would delete the printer and re-add it


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New Member

Phaser 6280N won't print on Network on Mac

Product Name: Phaser 6280
Operating System: Apple iOS

Trying to get the printer to print wirelessly on the network. Had a power outage and now it doesnt work from two computers.

I've search the support and no one thread gives me the answer. The config page shows an IP address, which I was told that I can enter it manually. Still don't know how to do that. 

The printer shows up with a yellow dot in the system preferences and "in use"

The print cue says the printer is not responding.

On my mac, the network show up fine.



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