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Re: Phaser 6510 Refuses to Print Custom Size Bypass Tray

I just returned one defective 6510 and received another defective 6510.  It doesn't want to "honor" the preference settings and it is a continual up and down clearing the jam or pushing the delete job button.  Never again with xerox.

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Re: Phaser 6510 Refuses to Print Custom Size Bypass Tray

Hi wmcole,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please take a look at the solution for loading the bypass tray and make sure you are following all the steps.  For the tones you can adjust those using these steps. If you are still unable to get the printer to print your custom size please consider contacting the Customer Relations group about your problems with the machine and with support. 

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Phaser 6510 Refuses to Print Custom Size Bypass Tray

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Phaser 6510 refuses to print an envelope with a 3.625 x 6.5-inch size.  I had defined this as a custom size the first (and only time) I printed such an envelope, but now all I get is "COMPLETED WITH ERROR 024-747" on the LED display.  The first try after a printer power-up, I get the barely audible beeping (God forbid you print from a machine more than 2 feet away from the printer - you'd never hear the beeping), and it is asking if I want to change the bypass tray paper size.  If I elect not to, I get the same error above.  If I elect to change it, I can't select my custom named size, I have to re-enter it under the "CUSTOM" size option, and then I get the same error again.  Any attempt to print a second or third time after power-up, gets no request to change the bypass tray paper size, it just goes straight to the 024-747 error above.


This is INCREDIBLY STUPID!  Apparently Xerox thinks the printer itself needs to be smarter than its interface application, and refuse to honor tray selection and print sizes made in the printer app interface. And if you were printing to the printer in a remote location (like another room) you won't hear the beeping sound and you get no feedback on your PC that the printer refused to honor the print request. VERY POOR ENGINEERING!


To top it off, Xerox REFUSES TO OFFER SUPPORT unless you have at least 2 of three things - a serial number, customer number, an invoice number.  If, as I did, you purchase the printer at a retailer instead of directly from Xerox, you don't have a customer niumber or invoice number Xerox recognizes, and therefore they refuse all your attempts to contact support EVEN IF THE PRINTER IS STILL  UNDER WARRANTY!


Poor user interface design, absolute crap support - its a wonder they stay in business.


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