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Technical Escalation Support
Technical Escalation Support

Re: Phaser 6600 Cyan Ghosting & Faded PDF Black Text

Hi PDX971,


Xerox does not support the use of 3rd party toner.  The problems may be related to the toner or may not be, I can't say for sure.  If you put Genuine Xerox Toner in the machine and the problems continue, I would call in for support and have a technician come take a look at the machine.  If you are in North America, another option is to contact a Certified Xerox Authorized Service Provider to take a look at the machine.  You can find a local service provider in your area using this link.


Hope this helps.


Thank you,


Thank you,
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Phaser 6600 Cyan Ghosting & Faded PDF Black Text

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My company recently purchased the Phaser 6600. We do fairly high volume printing (~20-30K per month).


Problem #1 - Ghosting Issue

A couple of weeks after we began using the printer, we started seeing a ghosting effect for the cyan toner. It is more prominent on the lower weigh paper (20 - 24lb). The ghosting only happens on the first page. We have tried all trays (1, 2, and bypass). I called Xerox support, completed all of their required steps. They then sent a full set of imagers, which I then replaced. This solved the problem for about 3-4 days, but then the problem was back.


We are using non-OEM tone cartridges that are manufactured new (not refurbed). I do not suspect this is a problem with the toner, but rather with the printer. We have ordered a Xerox cyan toner cartridge, and will test it within a day or two. The cost of the Xerox toner cartridges is roughly 3x that of our current source.


Any insight into what might actually be causing this would be much appreciated.


Problem #2 - Faded PDF Black Text


The documents we primarily print are PDF documents. Originally the black text was crisp and glossy. Recently, it has become faded and uneven. When I print a non-PDF document, it prints the black perfectly. I suspect this is a driver issue, and have tweaked the drivers in every way I could think. Still has not fixed it.


Finally, I have checked the option to print the PDF as an image. This bypassed the problem, but obviously did not correct the original problem.


Has anyone else seen these issues? Any suggestions?


We are running Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 machines. All experience same issues. PS and PCL drivers have same result.


Thanks for any help you might offer.


If we can't fix these problems, especially the ghosting, we will be forced to scrap this printer and issue a poor review.


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