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Technical Escalation User
Technical Escalation User

Re: Phaser 7100 Black and Color Registrations off

It looks like +1 or +0 is the value you want on that color 2 color


At the printer control panel, press the Menu button.
2. Navigate to Admin Menu, then press OK.
3. Navigate to Image Quality, then press OK.
4. Navigate to Adjust Color Regi, then press OK.
5. Navigate to Manual Color Regi, then press OK.
6. Navigate to Color Regi Chart, then press OK.
7. Load the default paper size, long-edge feed into the Bypass Tray.
8. To print the color registration chart, press OK.
9. Starting with the left side calibration lines, LY, LM, and LC, circle the line in each group where the
color bar aligns with the adjacent black bars.
10. Repeat the process for the right side calibration lines, RY, RM, and RC.
11. To navigate to the adjustment menu, press Back.
12. Navigate to Adjust Color Regi, then press OK.
13. Navigate to the desired color, Adjust Yellow, Adjust Magenta, or Adjust Cyan, then press OK.
14. To enter the values, navigate to the left or right field. Then use the arrow buttons to adjust the
value to what you circled in steps 9 and 10, then press OK.
15. Press Back, then repeat steps 13 and 14 for the other colors.
16. Print another Registration Chart, then repeat the process until you complete the color registration

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Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Phaser 7100 Black and Color Registrations off

Hello chirdon.

If you have not already resolved this issue, we suggest you search our online knowledgebase for this product: Phaser 7100.

Alternatively, you can visit our Contact Us page for other support options.

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Phaser 7100 Black and Color Registrations off

Product Name: Phaser 7100
Operating System: Android

I performed the Manual Color Registration as per the Image Quality menu in Admin Menu and brought all Left and Right CMY into the "0" spec. But, that's fixing only part of the misalignment. I'm getting cyan and magenta ghosting all across the image space, indicating that the cyan and magenta toner images are laid down slightly early and late relative to the black.

Photo 1 - this is from the Manual Color Registration. Notice how the cyan at the +5 bar is not centered between the black bars. This tells me that that the cyan image was either late (or early, can't recall which side came out first).

Photo 2 - This is from the Gradient Adjustment and shows how the registrations of the black, cyan, and magenta are significantly off.

How can I adjust these?


Any help is appreciated.

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