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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Phaser 7100 Error code 092-318


It is a problem with Yellow patch on IBT

Remove the Yellow Toner Cartridge Assembly  
Shake the Toner Cartridge a few times, and then
reinstall it.
Does the error persist?

Replace the Yellow Toner Cartridge Assemby
Does the error persist?

Check the installation state of the Imaging Unit.
Remove the Imaging Unit (Y/ M/ C/ K).
Is the Imaging Unit installed properly, with no
contamination at the contact points and in
contact with the left and right Guides?

Does the error persist?

Replace the Imaging Unit (Y)
Does the error persist?

Replace the Developer Housing Assembly (Y/ 
Does the error persist?

Then it is a problem with MCU board.



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New Member
New Member

Phaser 7100 Error code 092-318

Product Name: Phaser 7100
Operating System: Windows 10

My printer is coming up with this error message. Error code 092-318  Patch Y Fail

I have removed and reinserted all the toner cartridges and imaging units, turned it on and off again.  The fault has not cleared.  

Please advise


Thank you

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