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Phaser 7500 DT - issues to auto-sense paper size in trays 4 and 5

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Our Phaser 7500 DT has problems auto detecting the paper sizes in trays 4 and 5. When the tray is set to "letter SEF" it will sense "letter LEF". For the most part is will show "A4 LEF" (which seems to be the default). It will also sense "letter LEF" when the tray is set to 12x18 or even 8.5x8.5. We will never get e.g. "tabloid" in any of the positions. 

Trays 4 and 5 have the exact same issue, even when we exchange the trays (e.g. 8.5 x 8.5 tray setting will display as "letter LEF"). When we insert tray 5 into the slot for tray 3 it works perfectly so a tabloid tray setting displays a tabloid paper size. 

The trays seem to not be the issue and it appears unlikely that both sensors (for tray 4 and 5) have the exact same faulty behavior. 

Does anyone have any idea what the issue might be? We purchased the printer used so it's not factory new but was fully checked by authorized personnel. 



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