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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Phaser 7500DT will not duplex card stock from by-pass tray

Short answer:

Correct, it is not supported


Longer answer:


This is directly listed from the CED (Customer Expectations document) that should have been provided with the printer.



Duplex (2-sided) Printing

As with any printer, duplex performance is not expected to match the

performance for single sided printing. Paper jam rates may be higher

than the rate you will experience for the same throughput material in

single sided mode.


Manual duplexing is supported for all media weights per selected tray,

i.e. 280 g/m2 from MPT (Tray 1) or 256 g/m2 from all other trays.

Auto-duplexing is supported (for units with auto-duplexer installed) to

220 g/m2 from any tray.


75-169 g/m2 (Plain Paper, Heavy Plain Paper, Thin Card Stock) for

media over 128 g/m2, side two may become more susceptible to skew.


In plain english, what that means is :

75-128GSM paper will duplex fine

128-220GSM will work, but the image may be shifted

220GSM+ needs to be manual duplex, which is the marketing term for print the first side, put the output back in the tray and print page 2 on the other side.


So, you can duplex it only if you lie about what you put in the tray, but it increases wear and tear, isn't supported, and might print side 2 crooked. YMMV


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Joe Arseneau
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Phaser 7500DT will not duplex card stock from by-pass tray

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Wondering if this is a limiation of this printer, and if I will have to manaully feed card stock twice to print both sides of a sheet. Anyone know the answer? Thanks.

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