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Re: Phaser 7500N shows international strings garbled

Hello jroth!


1. I didn't try the native driver. And I will not, because this issue is minor for me, I just wanted to inform the developers about it. Furthermore, the web interface is absolutely independent on driver used.

2. I don't know if it is possible to choose the language of the driver. The description of the driver states:

Caution: The driver supports multiple languages. After the driver installation completes, the driver language is set to the language of the client operating system

I have the Russian Win7 installed.

The language of the Web interface was initially set to Russian, but changing it to English doesn't make any difference.

If you wanted me to rename users or jobs so that they would contain only ASCII letters - then it's simply impossible to demand it world-wide.

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Agency Analyst
Agency Analyst

Re: Phaser 7500N shows international strings garbled

Do you get the same results using the driver designed for the Xerox 7500 instead of the GPD. DId you make sure English was intalled.

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Jordan R.
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Phaser 7500N shows international strings garbled

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When I open the job accounting tab in the CentreWare Internet Services, or in the PrintingScout of the GPD, I see garbled text like 

Пробная страница

 instead of

Пробная страница

. I can change the encoding in the browser to UTF-8 to see these lines properly, but then all the localized UI text becomes garbled.


It is obvious that the printer keeps this text in UTF-8 (and I suspect that the printer driver sends them in UTF-8), so it's a shame that the displaying of this information doesn't take this into account. The web-interface should all be in UTF-8, and not use the local codepage like, in my case,

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1251">

, and the PrintingScout should convert its strings from UTF-8 to UTF-16 (MultiByteToWideChar).


Best regards,


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