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mchak New Member
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Phaser 7760 Max Image Area

I'm designing a book whose pages are 12" x 13 trim size. So, I want to print 100% size proofs showing the full 12-inch page area. I don't need to show bleeds but the client really needs to see the trim line at the edge of the paper or the color bleed to go right to the full edge.


Very picky client will not accept reduced pages or pages with white edges where there should be color. And also cannot reduce trim size of book (I wish!)


So, I'm printing on SRA3 paper (320 mm or 12.6 inches wide. But the largest image area I can get is 11.75" of image width on the 12.6" paper. 


I have margins of 10 mm at the top (.75 in) and 8 mm at the bottom (approx. 5/8 in). How can I reduce the margins by 1/4 inch so I can get the full 12 inches of image area?


Using a Mac OSX Lion with a Phaser 7760. 

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Community Manager CherylO-Xerox
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Re: Phaser 7760 Max Image Area

Hi  Please look at the online support for your machine at

The machine does not support edge to edge printing there will always be a small margin.  Here is the information on the margin specifications.


I hope this helps.


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