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Phaser 7760DX and banner page, first page blue

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I have been trying to configure my CUPS print server to connect to our two 7760DX's with the banner page set to a drawer for a blue cover page. The problem is if I tell the printer to make the banner page blue then the first page of the document is also blue. If that job is printing two copies then the first page of each set is blue as well.  I can not seem to get a blue cover page without the first page of the document also being blue! I have tried every setting I can find and I either get two blue sheets or none at all.


Is there a seperate setting that tells the 7760DX to make the first page colored as well, and if so how do I turn this feature off?






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Re: Phaser 7760DX and banner page, first page blue

Thank you Steve for using the forum.

I have searched our knowledge base for a solution but have not found a solution specific to the issue you describe.  I have asked Technical Support if they may know of a solution. 

In the meantime I would recommend that you call the Support group at 1-800-835-6100 for assistance. 



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