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Phaser 7800 - Won't print grey

I have had a Phaser 7800 for 2 years.

We have experienced colour issues here and there for the time that we have had the machine, but seems to be getting worse.

The big issue at the moment is that we can't print grey. It always prints with a purple tinge to it. We used to be able to print grey, but now we can't and it's becoming a big problem.

Anyone know what may be causing that issue or if there are any tweaks that I can make anywhere in the driver or something that may be able to correct it?





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Re: Phaser 7800 - Won't print grey

Typically this happens to pdf files due to Acrobat/Readers default color management, So select File > Print > Advanced and enable the 2 highlighted options below , otherwise it will output as RGB, and adds magenta to all output, which will give grey a purple hue, Blues will be very affected as well.




Then make sure Color Adjustments is on 0 for all




Also make sure that Color correction is not set to do any odd things, try it disabled completely and see if grey is grey.




And if all else fails, try the other options here:




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Joe Arseneau
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