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Re: Phaser 7800GX won't print A3

Hi Marcel,

Can you reply with a screen cap of your driver selections?

Mitch Swetsky
Xerox Customer Tools & Social Media Moderator

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Re: Phaser 7800GX won't print A3

Hi Eric


Thank you for your input. Unfortunately that doesn't help. If i don't define a paper color, the printer will print A4, even the paper size in the document is set to A3...



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Technical Escalation Support
Technical Escalation Support

Re: Phaser 7800GX won't print A3

Hello Marcel Auer,


Based on your description of the issue, you are telling the printer from the driver you are defining a color. If you don't define Other/White paper the default is plain white paper. This could be where the confusion is.


Xerox 2nd Level Technical Escalation Support
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Phaser 7800GX won't print A3

Product Name: Other - specify product in post



We own two Phaser 7800GX printer. As clients we use Macs with 10.9 & 10.10. Printing A4 from paper feed 1 - 4 works perfectly - also with user definied paper formats. Printing from paper feed 5 (A3) won't work:

- In e. g. Word, paper size is set to A3

- In print dialogue under Xerox features I choose material: Other colour: White; Other type: Plain & paper size A3


When I check the paper configuration via web interface, I have configured: Other type: Plain; Other colour: White. When I start now a print job, I get always the error message, that an other kind of paper is needed: Other type: Plan, other colour: User definied 1.


As print driver we use the actual version 3.43.0(1429). Both OS have the latest updates installed.


Has anyone an idea what could be wrong?


Thank you in advance



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