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Phaser 8200 paper feed error

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Greetings from Australia


I have a problem with an Phaser 8200 DP solid wax printer that was bought brand new in 2003 and has printed about 12000 pages in total. Initially the machine would not feed paper on an intermittent basis, you would get a paper jam error message and there also as part of this failure would be a fairly large clunking noise when it did this, upon removing the paper tray the top sheet would be lifted up over the edge of the tray and pulled forward about half an inch relative to the other sheets, I would usually just carefully replace it and re-insert the tray and continue printing once I cleared the error. This was a minor nuisance when it started doing this every 20-30 sheets or so but with the passage of time over about a year it deteriorated and it now exhibits this error every 2-3 sheets it prints. On top of this once it has failed in this manner about 3-4 times the printer then aborts and also re-boots from scratch like when you first turn on the power to the printer.


As far as I can tell it looks like the paper hasn't been pulled forward enough so that the lower feed rollers can grab it, there are no other problems at all other than this, either way the paper is completely undamaged when it does manage to go through the machine and prints normally and also undamaged when it is sitting in the tray as described above when it fails.


I rang Fujixerox and asked for their opinion and they said that without having the machine examined by an authorized repair technician it appears that the pick roller may need to be replaced. I then had a look at the roller and cleaned it according to instructions. The roller is not dirty and neither is it slick in texture. It appears undamaged and the surface of the roller has a soft patterned texture that gives me the impression that it would have no difficulty in moving sheets of paper, cleaning it made no difference to this problem whatsoever.


Reading further on the internet I formed an impression that the problem may be with a clutch assembly that engages the pick roller at presumably the right time and for the required duration at the start of the printing process until the sheet is caught by the lower feed rollers. I am a bit dubious that this could be the case as the machine is rated for a monthly duty cycle of 85000 pages and we have only put about 12000 pages through in the 8 years we have owned it, however this appears to be the most logical answer to my situation.


Could you please advise whether this problem is previously known to you and the solution is what I suspect it to be? Am I looking forward to a simple and relatively cheap repair or one that is going to require things like circuit boards and other more complex parts to be replaced?


Thanking you in advance in anticipation of your reply.

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