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bradgar New Member
New Member

Phaser 8560 Consuming too much ink

I have read through the support pages and the forum and found similar topics. However, our Phaser 8560 is going through the Magenta ink too rapidly. Other inks seem to be used at a consitent rate, but the Magenta (3) suddenly, about a month or two ago, started to deplete more rapidly.


When I empty the Waste Tray it is apparent that most of it ends up here. There are even 'pilliars' or  'columns' of magenta ink that seem to be purged out regularly. It is happening so quickly that after a week or two it's nearly impossible to get the waste tray out, which doens't even give a warning that it's filling up any more. When pulling out the waste tray, there is so much wasted ink, it gets stuck and we have to break the ink at the top then clean out the fallen pieces from the bottom.


The ink comes out mostly purple, thus some blue as well. We hardly print 50 pages a day on this printer and though we do use blue and magenta in most of our stuffs, we still should not be going through 3 sticks of magenta every couple of weeks.


Please let us know how to resolve this issue.

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Xerox Analyst RuiKZ6N6K-xrx
Xerox Analyst

Re: Phaser 8560 Consuming too much ink


It seems like you have a problem in the vacuum pump. That is not easy to fix and you may need parts. You should ask for a field engineer.



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Technical Escalation User Michael931995-Xrx
Technical Escalation User

Re: Phaser 8560 Consuming too much ink

I have seen this twice in the last month. Your print head seems to be leaking in standby. There should be no ink leaking in your waste tray after a power-up/cleaning page. If you empty your waste tray after a power-up cycle it should still be empty 2 weeks later. Most likely your print head will have to be replaced. I one instance, I had to also replace the electronics module to stop the print head leaking. Hope this helps

brainstewn New Member
New Member

Re: Phaser 8560 Consuming too much ink

I'm thoroughly frustrated with how much ink is wasted on cleaning the jets in my 8560 (FBW101364).  


I'm getting streaks regularly so I'm using the advanced troubleshooting to clean jets.  I emptied the wastetray and logged my ink percentages.  After three cycles of clenaning to remove all streaks, my waste tray was half full and I lost 17-23% of the inks.  I don't turn it off unless it freezes on me, which has happened twice in the last month I just discovered that the waste tray over-full after a cleaning and power up.  So as best I can deduce that's a $100 to clean and power up the printer a few times -- LAME!  Not so lame if the price of these sticks would drop by 60%.

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