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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Phaser 8560 Error: 37,06.43: 49604

The last set of digits in every fault code has nothing to do with the fault, it is the amount of page clicks the printer has in total, it is there to state when the fault occurred.


So when you got fc 33,001.42, it happened on the 49,455th page that went through the printer.

And when you got fc 37,06.43 it was on the 49,604th page sent through


So fault code 2 came 149 pages later, so either an incredible amount of test pages, or somebody else was using it when you weren't looking.


So when you look for a fault code online or in the manual, discount everything after the ":"


So for 33,001.42

It's tray 1 width value to low which means either the sensor isn't working or the adjusters aren't in the right position. The service manual suggests checking all connectors and run the width sensor test. And replace wire harness, I/O board, or tray 1 to fix the issue. But I would look for something easy like a broken adjuster or a sensor knocked out of place


And 37,06.43 doesn't seem to exist, you must have missed a digit.


37,061.43 does exist, and is related to bad power (plug it in someplace else)

Power supply high switch will not
activate. 12, 15, and 50 volt
missing. This may be due to a
short or disconnected power
supply reset line.
Power supply +5 volt over limit.





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Joe Arseneau
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Phaser 8560 Error: 37,06.43: 49604

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May ask your help try to solve my problem?

I run into an error on a Phaser 8560 printer: 33,001.42:49455


I tried to solve it by turn the printer off and a few ours later turn on.

It printed out the test pages and 1 page.

After that the I read on the printer screnn this: 37,06.43: 49604


Can you help me what could be the problem, and should I take the machine to a service place?

Thank you.



Gábor Hegedüs.

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