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Re: Phaser 8560 Front Cover Paper Jam Any Print Attempt

I went ahead and pulled off the left cover to check the Y-axis belt to see if it was slipping.  It's not.  The belt is on right and working correctly. 


I watched the gears move the paper into position behind the front cover and then stop leaving it there where a paper jam message appears on the control panel.



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Phaser 8560 Front Cover Paper Jam Any Print Attempt

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I have a Xerox Phaser 8560 color printer and am now experiencing a front cover paper jam any time I turn it on. I unplugged the printer from my computer by removing the USB cable but the problem persists.  The message says "Paper Jam - open to clear" and the picture is that of the front cover.


I clear the paper jam by opening the front cover above Tray 2 and gently pulling it out.  There is no print on the paper whatsoever.  


When I turn on the printer it passes all tests fine, initializes fine, warms up fine, then attempts to print and jams. So I open the front cover, remove the paper, close the front cover, and it warms up and pulls another piece of paper displaying the cleaning paper message and jams.  The cycle repeats.


If I pull the paper tray out of the printer entirely, I get a new message that says "Cleaning sheet needed - Load standard size paper." 


If I push the paper tray in or attempt to feed a paper page manually, it jams again.  


I have reset the NVRAM and followed the instructions for cleaning on Xerox's front cover paper jams page except the last one of replacing the maintenance kit (via a side panel on the printer). 


Is this something that happens when the maintenance kit chip reaches the end of its count cycle?  I have no way to see what the percentage of life left on the maintenance kit is due to the problem at hand.  







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