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Re: Phaser 8560- purging colors

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Right after I posted this...


In the driver: Color Options tab: Office Color: None. That did the trick!

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Phaser 8560- purging colors

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We don't use the 8560 much. I was surprised to see strange colors when I printed out a full color page today. I went to purge the colors, but I can't figure out how to print pure cyan, pure magenta, etc. I found the help page...


...which says turn off TekColor Correction, but there is no such setting on my printer.


I did find: Printer Setup/Post Script Setup/ Color Correction/ and I set it to None. And, as the help page says, I set "Print Quality" to "Standard" in the print driver.


I'm printing with the supplied cyan page, but I can see (in the light stripes) that cyan has some magenta and yellow in it. What am I missing?

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