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Phaser 8860 error code 09,037.45:123503

I have a plain phaser 8860 printer and get a printer error message almost immediately after adding solid ink.  The code is 09,037.45:123503.  I can find no information on the error so any information you can provide is appreciated!!!

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Re: Phaser 8860 error code 09,037.45:123503

Hi Lueylump


AFAIK that is an ink loader error
It will most certainly pop up if the ink count missmatch or ink block or crumps break of and get stuck into the loader


i) power down the printer.
ii) hold the back button and the info button (?) at the same time, without letting go, power up the printer.
iii) keep holding down the buttons until the XEROX logo comes fully to the center of the screen, keep holding for 2 more seconds, then let go.

Now be patient, in about a minute or two for the Diagnostic screen to come up, the display will turn blank and black but not to worry.
iv) when the Diagnostic screen comes up go to down to the Function or Exercise option, (haven't done it in a while) there will be an option that says "clear ISC faults" it'll ask you to press OK to confirm, after you do then you will exit Diagnostics and the printer will reboot.


It will cost you a little amount of ink since it will purge at least a time but you should be fine

I previously owned two of the 8860 and now I switched to the 8870


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