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kevin_bae New Member
New Member

Phaser printer preference setting file location.

I'm using Phaser 7760.

The printing preference setting can be saved at the lower right corner of the printer preference setting window.
I'm trying to copy printing preference setting to another computers. But I can't find file in anywhere. Where is the preference setting file located? or How can I save the setting file local drive?

I think the setting file is located in same area for all models of Phaser printers.

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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Phaser printer preference setting file location.

are  you using the global drivers? if you goto the support section you can download the manual of the global driver, this document include the help for the configuration files

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kevin_bae New Member
New Member

Re: Phaser printer preference setting file location.

Thanks for Answer.


But one of important function is missing from the Global Print Driver.

The Global Print Driver doesn't have option of "Advanced paper Selection" in the paper dropdown menu.

If user is trying to print with custom paper type or size, the printer prints from unexpected tray automatically.

Also the printer ignored paper size or type, if "Advanced Paper Selection" is not configured.

User cannot specify paper setting in right way without "Advanced Paper Selection".


Can you add "Advanced Paper Selection" to the Global Print Driver?

or can I get the location of the saved preference file?




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