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Phaser8560MFP and Mountain Lion OS 10.8.3

Ever since upgrading I have a host of troubles. I am running an iMac with Mountain Lion 10.8.3 and a Phaser 8560 MFP connected via Ethernet to a hub. Everything works fine and the printer does what he is supposed to. 


Ever since I upgraded to Xerox 2.0.13 I got an error "missing-filter-warning" on the print dialogue (market with a triangle and exclamation mark). The printer works fine otherwise. There is also some dialogue popping up on occasions that "some software for the printer is missing" - which is impossible because of my repeated installations. I attempted to re-install the version 2.0.10 - but when I installed the printer driver which kept installing was for 2.0.13 - despite my deleting all Xerox files from my hard drive.


After 4 printer installations the "missing file" error disappeared but when I open the print dialoge the color ball spinns for 1 - 2 minutes. Now when I want to print I have to wait  a while before I can proceed.


I spoke w. Apple and they also seem to have an isse w. Xerox for that Apple (who normally keeps an up-to-date printer driver in their system) has deleted the latest Xerox driver for some reason. The message I am getting from the installations system is that the "latest Xerox driver is not available from Apple". What gives?

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Re: Phaser8560MFP and Mountain Lion OS 10.8.3

I removed the old Xerox Folder from Library/Printers and installed the new driver version Xerox_PL_Print_Drivers_2.0.13v1.dmg.
I installed as Bonjour without a problem. After the install I got a message "Some of the Software for the Printer is Missing" Software for the printer is available from Apple. Would you like to download and install? I clicked "yes". The system downloaded some files in the background and installed. 
I installed the printer in Preferences and opened a program. I clicked "print". The dialogue box showed the yellow triangle with the exclamation mark. When hovering with the mouse over the selected printer there is a yellow warning coming on "missing-filter-warning". Otherwise the printer works. I got the same message with the previous printer version 2.0.13 - however not with version 2.0.10 (which worked super perfect!)
Interesting enough, this warning triangle with the "missing filter warning" only comes on once after each re-start. This message does not show up as long as the computer is running. Re-starting will cause the same error.  Please let me know what I can do to fix this. Thanks very much.


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