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PhaserMatch 4 and ColorMunki (feature request)

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Hi there,


I hope the people from Xerox will chime in on this one. Today I looked into PhaserMatch to see if I could do some more fine tuning on my 7760GX. Since I own a X-Rite ColorMunki I was hoping this device was also supported by PhaserMatch since a lot of X-Rite products are listed.


Is it possible to do a software update of PhaserMatch and include Colormunki as a measuring device? I've seen that PhaserMatch 5 includes the use of a ColorMunki so it's doable. But PhaserMatch 5 is not compatible with the 7760GX. Since there's a huge install base of 7760's there's a solid demand for an update. Thanks!

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