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Picture Printing 7845 - Incomplete Photos

I have been trying to print multiple color digital photos (2 5x7 or 4 3.5x5) to a WC 7845 and all if get are narrow bands of part of each picture.   I have tried PS and PC6 drivers from both Windows 8 and 10.   Any ideas?

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
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Re: Picture Printing 7845 - Incomplete Photos

Do the layout manually outside of Windows Picture and fax viewer or the newer version Photo Gallery.

It may work with those 2 programs with another driver like the Global driver, but it is never certain. For instance, it works on my Win 7 x64 PC to a 7855 with both the PS native and the PS Global, but a co-worker with the identical Xerox provided laptop can only use the Global driver.

 If you are using another application please reply with it and I will see what I can find, but I have only seen the described issue for the built in Windows Photo viewer in Windows XP and 7 (Have not had it on Windows 10, don't remember an issue in Windows 8)

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