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Re: Poor Photo Quality and DPI Limited to 600 Regardless of Driver

Hello TheQubeMan,

Have you tried changing the settings to High Reso/Photo mode? It is one step above enhanced. Here are the steps.

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Poor Photo Quality and DPI Limited to 600 Regardless of Driver

Product Name: ColorQube 8570
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

I'm using a ColorQube 8570 for personal use that I'm hoping to keep in service for at least a few more years, as I have plenty of ink for it and at a basic functional level it's still operational. It's attached via local network where I send print jobs to it directly via its local IP address. The problem: I cannot get it to produce high-quality prints of photos no matter which supported drivers I install or print settings.

I've tried installing every combination of driver that is supported by Windows 10 x64 and listed on the device support page, as well as setting all configurable print settings to "enhanced" quality, selecting photo quality, where possible. 

Printed photos look like they are 100KB jpegs when printed out. Lots of graininess, low-resolution and image noise. 

Can anyone recommend a different driver that works on Win10 x64 and produces high-quality photo prints? I've attached a screenshot of the printer properties, and can produce more if it's helpful. Capture.PNG

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