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PostScript Processing Takes Too Long

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I am having problems with printing PostScript files on a Nuvera 120 DPS.  The processing of a file takes a long time.  

The PostScript files being printed are created in-house using pdf files converted to eps files using Ghostscript.  Each page in the pdf is converted to an eps file and then embedded in a PostScript file which is used for printing.  In the PostScript file, there is a procedure that loops a number of times and generates each image.  For example, if there were three images embedded in the file and we want 10 copies of this file, image one should be printed 10 times, image two printed 10 times, and image three printed 10 times.  The production file is sent to the printer automatically using the gsprint utility that comes with Ghostview.

We had a situation where a user sent a file to the printer containing one image and wanted 416 copies and it took over 6 minutes for the printer to process the file and print it.  If the eps file is embedded in a PostScript file, the image is used only once and is referenced to throughout the rest of the file.  Is there something going on in the RIP process on the Nuvera that would take a long time to print a file like this?


We can send the file using a HotFolder and the file is processed in under a minute.


Using Windows XP, SP3 machines.

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Re: PostScript Processing Takes Too Long

try disabling advanced printing features in the advanced tab in the driver , this reduces the spool file...
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