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Re: Pre-configure userID for printing with accounting

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Solved it on my own! I used Mac OS Server - Profile Manager and created a custom settings payload with the userID for each employee. That took effect immediately when deployed.
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Pre-configure userID for printing with accounting

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Product Name: WorkCentre 7830/7835/7845/7855
Operating System: Other – specify OS in post

I'm trying to dodge having to locally configure 80 machines with the user's ID, which also includes installing a 64-bit program to set these as presets since we've upgraded to Mac OS 10.14 - Mojave. So I want to be able to define a preset with the UserID when adding the printer. 

I've looked into the property list [..].custompresets.PRINTER.plist and found that the UserID is stored in there. But when a property list is manually added, either creating one from scratch or duplicating an existing one, the presets in that file are not visible when choosing presets when printing. But saving a new preset in the printing user interface adds an entry to the same property list, but only that one is then available to choose. So I'm missing the part where the property list is activated, before I can hand out custom property lists for each user.

I've also looked into modifying the PPD to include the userID. I found an article from Xerox (, p. 8) that showed how this is done for Linux.

*JCLAccounting XSAUser/XSA User Based Accounting: "@PJL COMMENT

But the code for Mac PPDs are different so those edits doesn't work, although this line which is found in the Mac's Xerox 7830 PPD is very similar to the Linux code. So it seems that those PJL lines are possible to use.


 But there must be something for Macs right?

I'm using Xerox Standard Accounting with Default User ID, and Default Group Account with no Default Account ID.

Any ways I could do this? I feel like this shouldn't be impossible.

Thanks in advance!

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