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Re: Press green button on printer to print documents

Not the green button (this model doesn't have green button sorry), ok button in this case I have to push every time when I print something?

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Press green button on printer to print documents

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Hi, the printer not print automatically. I have to hit the green button.
Where is a problem?
The device model is Xerox Phaser 3320.

The configuration raport is:

Device Profile:
Customer Support:
Supplies number:
Xerox Asset Tag Number:
Machine Name: Phaser 3320
Machine Serial Number: 3383372746
Machine Speed: 37 PPM
Total Impressions: 15377
Billing Plan: XE PagePack

Installed Options:
USB: Enabled
Main Memory Size: 128 Mbytes
Aditional Memory Size: 0 Mbytes
Number of Trays: 2

Device Setup:
System: Phaser 3320_V53.005.00.000 MAY-16-2014
Main Controler Board (MCB): V2.50.04.00 MAY-16-2014
Image Output Terminal (IOT): V1.00.33
Network: V 4.04.00
IP Core: 6.8.P
Tray 2: not installed
PCL5E: PCL5e 11-22-2013
PCLXL: PCL6 07-16-2012
PS: 10-13-2010
IBM/Epson: IBM/EPSON 5.29.01 05-09-2011
Power Server: 20 Minutes
Startup Configuration Report: Disabled
Firmware Upgrade: Disabled

Network Setup
TCP/IP Settings
TCP/IP: Enabled:
Host Name: X3320ACC
IP address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
Automatic addressing: Static
LPD: Enabled
LPD Port Number: 515
Raw TCP/IP Printing: Enabled
Raw TCP/IP Port Number: 9100
IPV6: Enabled
IPV6 Address: .................................
IPV6 Address Stateless:
IPV6 Address Stateful:
IPV6 Address: DHCPV6: Routers
IPV6 Address: Manualy Entered:
Default IPV6 Gateway:

DNS Settings:
Domain name:
Primary DNS Server:
Alternative DNS Server: 1:
Dynamic DNS: Enabled
IPV6 Primary DNS Server:
IPV6 Alternate DNS Server: 1:

SLP Settings
SLP: Enabled
Version: 2
Port Number: 427
Character Set : US-ASCII
Message Type: Multicast
Multicast Radius: 255
MTU: 1400

HTTP Settings
HTTP: Enabled
Port Number: 80
Max Connections: 32
HTTPS: Disabled

SMTP Settings
SMTP Server:
SMTP Server TCP/IP Port : 25
Default Email Address:

Web Services

Network Setup (Cont.)
Device Discovery: Enabled
WS-Print: Supported

Port Setup
Ethernet card: Enabled
MAC Address: 00:11:22:33:44:55
Speed: Auto
802.x: Disabled

Media Trays
Media Trays: Bypass
Bypas mode: Off
Paper Type: Envelope
Paper Size: ISO B5
Media Trays: Tray 1
Paper Type: Plain
Paper Size: A4

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