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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Print Jobs being resubmitted (automatically) printing 1000s of copies

This is not a known issue, unless the job is specific, like the one from this recent virus/trojan.


This in no way means they have been hacked, there is nothing wrong with the printer, there is nothing wrong with the PC, it is due to  the IT team who port forwarded to the printer.


At this time, all that has happened, is a guy on the Internet has sent a print job to a bunch of IP addresses (public IP, not internal),So if you have gone into the router and port forwarded anything incoming on port 9100 (RAW/HP Jet Direct) to go to the IP (Internal IP) of the printer. It will print this guy’s job.


Only port 9100 has been confirmed, although it would be simple enough to add IPP and LPD to the script, so the news reports are saying they are also open to attack (even though they have not at this time)


Now if these jobs are actually jobs your people are printing, I would guess a faulted connection, which would imply you have SNMP turned on in the port and or are using RAW instead of LPR (Make sure LPR byte counting is disabled though)


But unless the jobs are actually more than 2500 pages, you would have to assume you are seeing nothing but PS code printed (A single line of garbled code per page), in which case the driver is the problem, delete completely and install the latest PS GPD from

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Joe Arseneau
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Print Jobs being resubmitted (automatically) printing 1000s of copies

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Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone has run into this. Recently we've had a few printers IE a 5845/5855 which seemingly have failed to print a job, but rather than print an error sheet, they re-submit the job and print out parts of the job or the entire job over and over and over again.


Last week, on printer printed out 2500 pages. There is no way to cancle the job, we must power cycle the unit.


Our printers are connected to a print server and shared, so users add the printer via the print server instead of having to set it up themselves.


Our printers are all running the latest .73 firmware (which we only just recently upgraded too) I'm not sure if the print error is due to the new firmware (which seems to solve a lot of the  problems we had previously) or due to a Windows patch or something else.


Just looking to see if anyone else has experienced this.


Many thanks,



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