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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Print Quality on 7220

I have no idea if there is documentation, but Blue printing Purple is typical of MS Office when using a PS driver due to the fact it uses a custom color profile made by MS. You can sometimes compensate by setting the Color correction to sRGB in the driver, or even setting it to none.



For any real application designed for print, and in particular Adobe application, you just set it to let the printer determine color and blue will be blue and red will be red.


For Adobe, go to File > Print > Advanced and make sure all the highlighted boxes are checked.




For professional Adobe apps (Acrobat/Indesign/Photoshop) you need to go to File > Print > Advanced > Color Management or File > Print > Color Management and do the same, set it to None or Same as source.


The Fiery option won't help this, the same setup has to be done when using any color printer with any front end from any manufacturer to achieve proper color. You will likely not get good color from MS Office, they know this, which is why the guy who runs their Print engine says to print from Acrobat/Reader if you want professional control.

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Joe Arseneau

Print Quality on 7220

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I am looking for support documentation for solving problems such as blues printing out looking like purple, and colors not matching the colors on the monitor.  I am aware that the printer and computer monitor use different color profiles, and that without a Fiery you are never going to have excellent color matching.....however, when searching for some solutions online I came across this page regarding a different model.....In it, there is a link to a website that is no longer in existence.  Is there any way you could recover this document? Although it's a different model, I wanted to read what it had to say... Thanks!  

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