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lisacano921 New Member
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Print Quality

Product Name: VersaLink® C505 Multifunction Printer
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

I am having trouble getting my C505 to print high quality photos. I own a custom jewelry business in which I put images into a piece of jewelry. 

Originally I ordered my prints from a print shop using their Xerox Docucolor C60 - PERFECT prints! I would save them as a PDF and order the prints through their website. 

I wanted to be able to save the trip and print from home, so I purchased the Phaser 6022. Not nearly the quality I got from the print shop but doable. Here, I had to save as a TIFF to get the best results.

I recently decided to invest into my business and purchased the Versalink C505, specificaly for it's ability to print high quality and great color (according to the salesperson). However, the quality I have been getting is worse than what the Phaser gave me. I have tried several file types and haven't had any luck. I have tried printing a full size image and still find it to be very pixelated and not sharp at all. 

I have googled/youtubed/called Xerox, and just have not found the right help. I have not changed anything as far as how I create my designs. I have a feeling I am just not using the proper settings for the printer. I am hoping I didn't just purchase a paper weight. I feel like a $2k printer should give me better quality than I am getting. The lines are just not sharp. And images are super pixelated. I have attached a photo of my image on the computer vs. the image the VL C505 produces.  

Also, I have no idea what the tiny yellow dots are on my printed photos... 




So when all is said and done... my final product ends up looking like this... Horrible. I have had to go back to ordering prints until I can get this matter resolved. Someone please help!


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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Print Quality

So what print driver are you using here? It looks like what you would expect from a Microsoft Class driver or a PCL driver, The quality you would want would be a PS driver like this one.

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lisacano921 New Member
New Member

Re: Print Quality

The driver that was automatically installed was Xerox VersaLink C505 V4 PS. I tried going to the driver link you provided but have no idea how to set that up as the driver for the printer.

I have not changed anything in the past 3 years other than the printer used. The company who printed my pages before also had miscrosoft. There has to be a way to improve the quality.

I tried calling Xerox today and the tech I spoke with agreed that the quality wasn't right. They are supposedly sending a tech out. If I could get assistance figuring this out in the meantime, that would be great!

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