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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Print Que on Fiery

I'm not sure what you are asking here at all, What is this FFC?


<Edit, if this is Freeflow Core, that has its own Forum>


All Fiery rips are the same, there are 3 queues to choose, and realistically, 2 are used.


If you send a job to print immediately, you want the queue to be print (all lower case)

If you want it to wait to be released in CWS5, you send it to hold (all lower case)


If the IP has changed on the Fiery you simply redirect the port in the driver


Start > Devices and Printers

right click on the existing one and go to Printer Properties > Ports (1) > Configure Port (2) and then change the IP address (3) to the new one.




Changing it on the Fiery is done via CWS5 (If you are on its LAN and can see it to make the change)

Server > Configure > Network > Protocol > TCP/IP > Ethernet




or at the device.

At the device method changes dependant on the model of printer it is attached to (If bustled Fiery) or on the Windows version (If external)


Typically on most printers with a Fiery, the copier portion is set to DHCP/A or DHCP/AutoIP.

Some models like the 550/560 and 570 like to be statically assigned as


IP =     



DNS = 



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Joe Arseneau
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Print Que on Fiery

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

We changed our IP scheema, So every machine got new IP addresses.

I am having trouble changing the print Que in FFC to go to the new IP address.

We set this up years ago and I don't recall how to set up a printer.

Where is the printer set up? Is it on the FFC box, or the Fiery?

Thanks for your help

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