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Ruby_Roo New Member
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Print/ Scan Quality on 7220

Hi there, Can anyone help?


I need to find out how to adjust the Print Quality DPI on Xerox 7220. We use barcode recognition software called Fusion for document scan filing.


We are scanning to file and then Fusion is simply scanning images from file. There are no settings within Fusion which can be adjusted to manipulate the image. I have examined the scans produced by the Xerox 7220 and opened the images outside of Fusion and evaluated what they look like. The barcode is ending up looking like this:

Blurred barcode.png 

I have had to rescan hardcopies until I get similar barcode clarity and then scanning those image sin Fusion again. Removed other images from the same folder to avoid any confusion when scanning from file.


Despite changing the scan defaults from 200DPI Photo/text Black and White to 300DPI text and grayscale as recommended by a Xerox analyst it hasn't made any difference. Also the print quality of the barcode when printing the hardcopies to scan is awful.


Any Suggestions?





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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Print/ Scan Quality on 7220

Compression is the more likely issue. In CWIS go to the scan template and edit the Advanced Settings section.


Make sure background Suppression is off , increase Sharpness and quality is set to Lowest Compression Largest File size


 For the printing switch your driver for a PCL driver. PS will cause you issues as it attempts to anti alias things, PCL does not, which is why programs that are built around accurate reproductions like CAD prefer PCL.

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arronlee New Member
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Re: Print/ Scan Quality on 7220

Hi, Roo.

I wonder have you worked it out? How did the barcode scanner work?





Best regards,


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