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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Print job from multiple trays

The answer seems to be yes, if I understand the question.

If you are trying to do a mixed media job and the whole job is stapled together as one.

Obviously the exact steps change per job and submission method, and the copier is sold on its own, with a Fiery or with a Freeflow, so the drivers change for each of those. But what you want is either 'Mixed media" or "Special pages"


So let's say you have the D95, no RIP and are using the PCL driver (PS is very similar)

Anything pertaining to the whole job, and the majority of the paper is done here on tab one. So stapling, the tray of the majority of the paper, folding etc. Son my case all of it is 3 hole punch and 2 sided, and most of the paper is green, and the copier has a tray loaded and programmed with paper set green.




Now I also want pages 7-9 to be blue, and 18-21 to be white, so I go to Document Options > Special Pages > Add Exceptions




A Freeflow will be nearly identical, a Fiery will be different but similar, I don't have a driver for the particular Fiery but they all pretty much are identical, the Media tab has a Mixed Media sub section, what you want is the New Page Range which works exactly the same



I can't in the slightest help on a copy job, it is outside my specialty and I have no access to the device in question, but it would be on the last tab for copy jobs <Job Assembly?>, and the option is called a Build Job, but is not nearly as straight forward in my mind. Sorry.



There are things to keep in mind though, the job settings I used above will in fact not work correctly because the job is duplex, so each section would need to start on an odd numbered page and end on an even number. My example would print the pages 1-6 on 3 pieces of green paper , but 7-9 is an issue, because duplex is turned on and than means 2 sheets of Blue paper, so what will the machine do with the back side of the 2nd page? Depending on the job, it could either insert a blank page to fill that spot (This will break the page numbering later and mess up all the other media settings) Or fault the job, or just mess up everything.


So not only do you need to know where the page ranges must be, you also need to take into account that duplex means you need to account for physical paper, and digital page numbers.



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Joe Arseneau
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Print job from multiple trays

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

I'm a teacher and our school has a Xerox D95/D110/D125 combo.


I'm frequently trying to produce packets of printing where the cover page, or maybe pages 5 & 6 of a 12 page packet, are a different color paper. I've tried sending the print jobs down and then assembling the final product on my own, but that always results in human errors. I've tried organizing the paper order before sending the print job, but again - lots of human error.  In both cases I'm spending a ton of time on it.


So my question becomes, is it possible to create a packet where (for example) the first page is pulled from tray 1, pages 2-4 are pulled from tray 2, pages 5-10 are pulled from tray 3, and the whole thing hole punched and stapled? Or am I forever relegated to manual collating?


Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

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