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Print jobs stuck in queue on WorkCentre 4260

Product Name: WorkCentre 4260

I'm in sales and working with a customer to help them resolve an ongoing issue where print jobs get stuck in queue saying "processing" and the device needs to be rebooted again. This same issue is happening on all three (3) of their WC4260 devices, which is extremely frustrating to the customer and their IT team since the devices are in a high volume area.

Waiting to hear back on what OS, driver and firmware they're on. In the meantime, is there something else we should be checking on to resolve this issue?

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
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Re: Print jobs stuck in queue on WorkCentre 4260

If 3 printers at one location have the same issue and other sites with that printer don't, the cause isn't the printer, its the setup, most likely the driver, but since you did not get anything relevant to printing for their environment before posting there isn't much to go on, so have them update the firmware to

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