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Re: Print quality rubbish

Hi :)

I had an engineer out yesterday who said the printer isn't capable of printing what I need it to print in a good quality :(
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Re: Print quality rubbish

Hi Bouncer2021, 

Thank you for using the Support Forum. What type and weight of paper are you using?  I am thinking that you may not have programmed the paper type properly and that can cause image quality issues.  First make sure the paper type is set correctly in the driver, see this article for steps to set the paper type correctly in the driver.  When you load the paper tray make sure you confirm the type.  Follow these instructions:

Once you load the paper in the tray the printer prompts you to verify the paper type, size and color.
If the paper type, size and color are correct, touch OK.
If the paper type, size or color are incorrect, change the settings.
To select a paper type, touch the current paper type, then from the list, select the type.
To select a sheet size, touch the current size setting, then from the list, select the size.
To select a different paper color, touch the current paper color, then from the list, select the color.
To save the settings, touch OK.

If this does not help please consider contacting your local support centre.  

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Print quality rubbish

Product Name: VersaLink C600 Printer
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

Hi :)


i got the versalink C600 last week, for a living i print funeral order of service booklets....this was the printer recommended to me matter how much i try or change the settings the image quality is just so poor and grainy even on photo mode.

does anyone know if its just this printer that doesnt have a great image quality (if so ill send it back as its completely no use to me if its just that way) or am i missing something am i not setting it up correctly? i am setting it up with the print options on the laptop to tray 1, A4, photo mode, ive also tried every single colour setting and still very very grainy and just really not great at all image prints.

if anyone could help me id be very grateful!


thank you

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