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ausbent New Member
New Member

Print quality - squiggly lines ColorQube 8870



I've been troubleshooting my ColorQube 8870.


All colours print these inconsistent squiggles. I've tried all the Troubleshooting items (Light Streaks, etc) and the Support items (like flushing ink).


I'm not particularly interested in a "take it to a service tech" answer, but any help diagnosing where the problem is would be helpful.





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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Print quality - squiggly lines ColorQube 8870

Hi ausbent,


Is this what everything looks like or is it a particular job type or file? If no


Does it happen to internal reports like the configuration sheet? If no


Does it happen if you import a PDF onto the printed via CWIS (Internal webpage)? if no


Does it make a difference if you use the PS, vs the PCL driver? Native or Global driver? if no


I would think, if all jobs, all color and all submission methods have been tried and all do the same thing, the print heads have been damaged or melted in some freak occurrence. I cannot think of any way that an end user could fix that condition for less than the cost of a replacement.


But, if it is a particular file, or type of job from a particular source, and in all likelihood a particular font, I am fairly convinced we could sort that out, but if it happens to configuration pages originating in the machine, I can't help at all.



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ausbent New Member
New Member

Re: Print quality - squiggly lines ColorQube 8870

Thanks for your help, Joe.


Yep - this is what everything print looks like on every colour.


I'll try a new print head, and go from there... 



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