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Re: Print queue not waking printer

Reinstalled the printer driver after removing the sort of working driver ! That seems to have solved the problem.

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Print queue not waking printer

Product Name: Other - specify product in post
Operating System: Windows 7


I've had the Phaser 7100 printer about 7 years and now the print queue is not waking it - I can see my job in the queue, the status column is blank and the dragbar/title bar contains 'Offline' - that's not 'Work Offline', just 'Offline'.

This could well be a Windows print queue problem !

Of course, the printer is connected and powered up - but sleeping. It would appear jobs are not being sent to the printer. I can wake the printer from the computer I'm trying to print from - by changing a setting via the printer's web interface - and once I do that, it'll print the jobs in the queue without any further intervention.

I've been through all the settings looking for some time out or other - not found anything. The printer has woken before (always until recently) but It's not usually asleep for as long as it has been recently - so I wondered if there was another time out.

It could be an ssue with this laptop !

Another laptop has successfully woken it and this one has again. I'll need to leave it several hours again before I try that again ???

If anyone has suggestions, I'd appreciate it, thanks !


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