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Print to mailbox - 7855i



Recently acquired Workcentre 7855i (not by me) doesn not seem to have the print to mailbox function anymore. Can anybody tell me the reason for not having this feature anymore?


Basically, right now i'm having an issue where the pc account name comes up on the display when secure printing, but there are pc's with the same account name, so it's difficult for the users to know which doc is theirs.


Any help/explanation much appreciated.

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Re: Print to mailbox - 7855i

Enable reprint saved jobs via:

CWIS > Properties > Services > Print From > Reprint Saved Jobs > Enablement




Sending to the mailbox is just a dropdown in the driver (Saved Job)




The Job Name you provide is what will show on the device, and to get it, you do this:











As for the submitter name showing up on the Job status section, not much can be done if everyone uses the same sign-on. The data that displays is chosen by the PC, so if you use LPR for the port you get it from the Windows Sign-on, if you choose RAW, it will normally show Remote User.



And if using LPR, you can have the banner sheet display any of these choices via CWIS > Properties > Services > Printing > General > Banner Sheet Identification




Lastly, if yo have a Class driver or a V4 driver, even with the Xerox Print Experience app, the option won't exist, this is a limit at this time of the V4 interface, no ETA on when it will get sorted. (If you don't know the difference, it would look like this:)



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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Print to mailbox - 7855i

Tx so much for your reply Joe!


Will have a look at your suggestions for sure!!





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