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Agency Analyst

Re: Printed documents display missing or random characters from 7675

I'm going to guess that it could be a corrupt driver on the server. Have IT remove the drivers from the server completely - not just click on the printer and remove and reload the drivers.
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Jordan R.
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Printed documents display missing or random characters from 7675

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Hello all,


I support a department at my place of employment that is using a Xerox 7675 being shared via a server and mapped to each user via Microsoft Active Directory.


The issue this department is experiencing is that on occasion, printed documents diplay missing or ramdom characters when printed to the Xerox from their workstaion (Windows XP/7 32 or 64 bit). However, if I add the printer locally and print to it, everything prints fine.


We used to have the Xerox PCL 6 rev 2.0 driver installed onto the Windows Server 2008 standard machine. We then updated to the Xerox Global PCL 6 driver (current 7675 driver is installed). The updated driver didint' fix the issue.


What we found that works is to reboot the server. This can become problematic because we can sometimes only reboot the server over the weekend during off peak hours.


We have experienced this problem three times within the last 5 months.


I was wondering does anyone know of a known issue that causes this problem? Is it a driver setting issue? A driver issue? A server setting issue? A print processor issue? etc???


This issue only started happening at the end of December 2011.


Currently, the print processor is set to XeroxV5Print, data type Raw. Should this be set to WinPrint, and data type Raw?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.


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