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Re: Printer Offline

I have tried dissabling SNMP but then the printer "always" shows online even when there is a problem. Changing to LPR had no effect on printer offline.

There has to be a better resolution to this other than dissabling all printer status messages.

Are these drivers just not compatible with Server2016?

When SNMP is dissabled, sure the printer shows online, but then when you print, it never prints and it just errors out.

It seems like when you remove the printer and resinstal, you get a free test page print and then it goes off line.
If you remove it and add it again, then dissable SNMP, you get a free test print, then the next print fails even though the printer still shows online.

I have dissabled completly windows firewall.


This printer is also connected to an SBS2008(not R2) server and has zero printing issues, and its got SNMP enabled for all printers installed.

Any other ideas?

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Re: Printer Offline


try to change the port protocol. i susbect you are using Raw protocol so change it to LPR 

You will notice that the port number will change from 9100 to 515 when you select LPR.

Enter a queue name of “lp” (must be entered in lowercase) 

make sure to disable LPR Byte counting and the SNMP





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Printer Offline

Product Name: Other - specify product in post
Operating System: Windows Server 2016 x64

We have has an sbs2008 dell server running a printer server for some time now with no issues.
We just got a new Dell server with server2016 on it.
While the old server is up and running, I am trying to migrate everything over to the new one, starting with the printers.

When I install the Global Print Drivers PS for the 3635mpf's and Color Qube printers, I begin to have issues printing to the printers from the new server, yet the old one stays working fine.

I am getting a printer offline error randomly on the printers. When everyone is home for the night, the printers are working fine, all online and prints test pages. As soon as people begin to show up in the morning, the printers on the new server begin to show offline. Not all at the same time, and not always the same printer, very strange.

I have tried the work around of dissabling the SNMP which "does" bring the printer to online status....but then I am not able to print to it even though it shows online. The print errors out after some time.

Are these printers to old and drivers not working correctly on a new Server2016x64? The xerox site directs to the GPD PS drivers which seem to be the same for 7,8,10, etc.

Can soneone help me out in this issue? Its been driving me craszy for a week now and I have no clue what is wrong.

The old server has the same printers installed and all with SNMP enabled and works fine.
The new server has them installed too and has nothing but problems.
If I cant get peple to even print off this new server, I got no hopes of every decomissioning the old one.

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