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arhodes New Member
New Member

Printer cannot be contacted over the network

We are having an issue with our company network printer (a Phaser 6180MFP) - this past friday it was working flawlessly, however, when we came back to work on Tuesday after the long weekend, the printer is all of the sudden not working. I ran the trouble shooter and the end result showed the following problems: "Printer Xerox Phaser 6180MFP-N PS cannot be contacted over the network" AND "Printer is turned off".


Obviously we have the printer turned ON :) And I am able to ping the printer from my computer and there doesn't seem to be any communication issues. So basically the troubleshooter is saything that we are having problems that don't seem to exist.


I have tried powering off the printer (leaving it turned off and unplugged for a little while), I've tried a new network cable, and I have checked to make sure the drivers are up-to-date. All of the printer settings seem to be correct (not to mention the fact that this happened over the weekend while noone was here to change anything). And when I connect the printer directly into the computer via the USB port, it prints fine.


We NEED to get this thing back up and running properly. If anyone has ANY suggestions on how to try to fix this problem, I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance!

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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Printer cannot be contacted over the network

can you ping the machine? maybe your machine was setup in dhcp mode and the IP address changed?

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ckidd New Member
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Re: Printer cannot be contacted over the network

I have a WorkCentre 3550 that gave similar symptoms. The machine would show "Printing" on the display but nothing would happen. From that point we could not copy, fax, scan or print. If I left the network cable unplugged I could use the other functions after a power cycle.


By using Wireshark to capture packets I found the problem to be related to the Auto Detect Proxy Settings in the network setup. We use ISA Server for a firewall and require authentication for Internet access. Last week I enabled the DHCP and DNS settings on our server to have IE autodetect the proxy server, shortly after the 3550 stopped working. I did not connect these two events together until a packet capture. Wireshark showed the Workcentre was trying to register with our firewall to configure the proxy setup, the machine had no way to authenicate so it was failing to make the connection.There was no error report of any kind, just no response from the unit. Using a different network switch, I disabled the Auto Detect Proxy using the web management of the WorkCentre and now everything works.


I realize this issue is specific to my environment but I hope it helps in some way.



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rvdweide New Member
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Re: Printer cannot be contacted over the network



Have you checked the devices date and time? when these are set different in relation to the workstation/server you can also experience the issues you've described.

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Timo New Member
New Member

Re: Printer cannot be contacted over the network

Hi Everyone.

Our printer here (Xerox Phaser 8860) was working fine till a little time ago.

Now we cannot print on it anymore.

We receive the next errors:

- Printer Xerox Phaser 8860 cannot be contacted over the netwerk

- Resource ( is online but isn't responding to connection attempts.


I can ping the printer, i've updated the drivers, installed the Global driver of Xerox and checked if the SNMP Status was unchecked (which is).

But i still cannot print anything.

Does someone know what i can do?


It's a network printer btw.



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