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Re: Printer jams on duplex

Hi I'm in the UK and found a support number 0370 900 5501. There is also an option to chat on this page

I have to say it was a long and tedious process, and I think the support is based in the Phillipines. The agents were very friendly and helpful, bult the system isn't fit for purpose. It sometimes takes a while to get through (on one occasion it took an hour before my chat was answered). I was told that my printer would be replaced, but then heard nothing for over 2 weeks. After several abortive phone calls I emailed the Chief Executive of Xerox UK, which did eventually get things moving. I received my replacement printer nearly 5 weeks after they agreed it was faulty.

A very poor level of support. I will be reluctant to buy Xerox again.

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Re: Printer jams on duplex

I have exactly the same issue.

Can you share how you got in touch with xerox ??
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Re: Printer jams on duplex

Just an update, in case this is of interest to anyone.

I called Xerox technical support, who (eventually) agreed to replace the printer.

Printer jams on duplex

Product Name: Xerox B210 Printer
Operating System: macOS 11 - Big Sur

This is a brand new B210, installed today. It prints single sided fine, but each time I try to print duplex it jams on the second side. The feed sounds quite noisy and the paper appears not to fully go back after printing the first side. Any suggestions very welcome.

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