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Printer on windows server 2003, 64 bit windows 7 laptop connecting to it.

Hi there,


Currently have 4 xerox printers installed on are server which operating system is windows server 2003 32 bit.


We have recently purchased a number of 64 bit windows 7 operating system laptops. I am looking for the sharing drivers so that I can install the 64 bit sharing drivers on to the printer on the server so that it is just a matter of each user logging into the server and connecting to the printer instead of doing a local install on every machine. But every driver I have found so far do not seem to work.


any ideas?





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Technical Escalation User

Re: Printer on windows server 2003, 64 bit windows 7 laptop connecting to it.

Hi Samuel,


First you need to find the same version drivers (and x64) than the ones installed on your server. If you can not find it, depending on the printer, you can download the latest drivers from or use the Global Print Driver. Be aware that if you need to add Windows 7 the driver must support this OS. In case you have very old version of the driver then you need to bring the XP install up to a level supported by Win7). Recommend you use the latest drivers available for you printer model.


Then just Right-click the driver > Properties > Sharing > Additional drivers. Select the x64 and you will have the install wizard asking you for the .inf for the x64. (Make sure you are using the same versions)


If all goes smooth, then thats it. Your server is ready to provide x64 info to clients.

It can happen that you will prompt for and extra .inf file, winprint. If so you can use the Microsoft CD´s or come back to us.

The wizards are very similar between the print driver and the winprint request so make sure you read the infoboxes in order to provide what you are being prompt for.


You can find some additional info Here (Note this does not apply directly to you case)

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