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Re: Printer will not stay awake

Hello Redbill, 

I searched our online knowledge base for instructions on how to adjust the sleep mode for your product. 

Set the Sleep Mode Countdown


NOTE: The Sleep Mode (or Power Save Mode) setting can reduce power consumption. When the machine is in Sleep Mode, it acts as though it is turned off. The machine will wake up and start printing when it receives a print job or a fax. Use these instructions to set a time delay to send the machine into Sleep Mode.

  1. Press the [Menu] button from the Control Panel.
  2. Use the [Up] or [Down] arrow buttons to select [General Setup], and then press [OK].
  3. Use the [Up] or [Down] arrow buttons to select [Ecology], and then press [OK].
  4. Use the [Up] or [Down] arrow buttons to select [Sleep Time], and then press [OK].
  5. Use the Dial Pad to enter the time, and then press [OK].

    NOTE: the maximum is 50 minutes.
  6. Press [Stop / Exit].
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Printer will not stay awake

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

My printer stays in SLEEP mode and will not wake up when a print or scan request is issued. I have reloaded the Printer onto the PCs on the network and also done a factory reset on the printer. It is connected to the network via WiFi.

I can access the printer setting via the IP address.

Status.pngNetwork Status_Wireless.jpg

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