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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Printers keep telling us out of paper even thou there is plenty

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You can't actually fix it. Windows and Mac both show the error, but Windows doesn't constantly show the error.

The tray is empty though, specifically tray 5 usually.

While in Windows it isn't particularly invasive.



Apple make it much more apparent, but never the less, it isn't incorrect, so Apple won't fix it because it isn't broken.

Xerox won't fix it because it isn't broken either.


You can verify yours is empty too, just do so in CWIS, or in the printer Options and Supplies





So you have only 3 options.

1. Pretend the error isn't there because it doesn't matter.

2. Put something odd in the tray and write on it that it should not be removed

3. Break bi-directional communication by using an older style port like HP Jet direct, but the caveat here is that the printer will likely not show as being online since you have broken the protocol that tells the Mac it is there, and all the toner/drums/print errors etc will not be shown either.





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Joe Arseneau
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Printers keep telling us out of paper even thou there is plenty

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We are running Mac OSX 10.11.x and whenever we look at the Xerox printters in our school they tell us out of paper. We can print fine to them and while they are actively sending the job the light turns green and tells us everything is fine. The job comes out and then the status goes immediately back to red with an out of paper error. This happens with both our ColorQube copiers and our Phaser printers. We have the newest available drivers and this happens on any Mac computer we try.

Thanks in advance.

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