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Re: Printing BW and Color


If you are using the V4 driver you can default the driver to black and white and create a "1-touch " preset for color.  This way you do not have to manage 2 drivers and it could lessen mistakingly using the Color Driver. 

Your way will work fine too.

 V4 Color Preset.jpg

Printing BW and Color

Product Name: WorkCentre 6515
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

COnfiguration: Workcentre 6515, WIndows 10, 5 PCs, network TCP/IP printing 


I want to make it easy for users not to print in color when not needed. I plan to install on every PC 2 Windows printers with 2 different names (Xerox 6515 BW and Xerox 6515 Color). Boths Windows printers will use same Xerox driver, same IP adress of the physical printer. 

" Xerox 6515 BW" will be setup for black abd white printing and "Xerox 6515 Color" will be setup for color printing. 

It seems to me to be the easiest way for user not to print in color when not needed

Is this solution OK ? Should it work fine? Do you know a better solution? 

THank you for your help


Gad Saadia



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