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Re: Printing Envelopes

Sorry I don't know that particular model you're using but I've had similar problems with envelopes on other Xerox printers. The printer has a pre-determined idea on orientation and it is very difficult to get it to change that. If you're printing from Mailings feature in Word I can only suggest you go into the Options tab and under Printing Options it will have six different orientation/feed options, sometimes selecting a different option here can help.

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Printing Envelopes

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Hi, I have the Phaser 6280 which is a very reliable printer but I does have one or two shortcomings which I hope one of your good people will help me with.  Every document I've ever printed comes and beautifully with great graphics and excellent text.  Here's the point of contention that I have.  While the printer will print envelopes of great variety and sizes, it does wrinkle the edges.  At work I just by chance discovered a way to overcome this problem but I can't duplicate it on my home printer.  The specific size envelope I'm speaking of is 6.5" wide and 3.625" high.  If I feed it with the flap to the left and the short edge it prints correctly but still wrinkles.  I attempted to feed it with the flap facing the feed and the long edge pointed towards the front of the printer>  I used that method to print on the Work Center 7220 and the envelopes didn't wrinkle at all; but when I try on my printer it seems to ignore my command to print in portrait orientation instead of landscape.  It seems that the printer always prints as if is in Landscape mode totally ignoring my commands.  Is this not a resolvable issue?  Thanks for all your help.



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